Sharing training tips

Whilst I was catching up on some of the blogs I read this week, I came across this post by ‘gowalkeaze’ . I love reading about Rosie & Ranger and the progress they are making. Even though they are on the other side of the Atlantic, they experience many similar hurdles that need to be over come.

This post in particular struck a chord as we have problems with people’s prejudice towards Tuchena because of the way she looks, which if I am honest can upset me but at the same time makes me all the more determined to prove these people wrong.

She can also be difficult to handle around children as she can get over excited and an excited large dog and a small child can be a recipe for chaos, so the idea of getting them to help train whilst the dog is on a long line sounded like a stroke of genius to me! Thanks so much for sharing!

Luckily my niece Gracie and Tuchena seem to understand each other…

3 Replies to “Sharing training tips”

  1. I really enjoy your blog. This post is so true! I have a Wolfdog that gets much attention when we are out, and people base judgements solely upon her looks (even when we sometimes lie and simply state she is a malamute mix when people start to ramble with concern.) With all of the hub-bub on large dog breeds and children we were at first hesitant for ours to come into close contact with younger children, but she loves them and there has yet to be any incident of aggression, much like yours it seems!

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