What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs?

…..Everyone love a slinky!

Tuchena earnt the nickname ‘Slinky’ a while ago. We have never seen a dog move quite like she does. Every motion is fluid. She has none of the clumsiness we are used to with the labradors. She changes direction mid air, hops over obstacles/dogs without breaking her stride, and can fit through/up/over/under/in the most impossible spaces!

On a trip to my in-laws at the weekend, Tuchena invented a game of ‘hide the slipper’. This mainly involved grabbing one of my mother-in-laws (very nice sheepskin) slippers and running upstairs with it. She then waits for me to go and get it and I return it to its rightful home at the bottom of the stairs. Simple things, eh!

Anyway, we did this a couple of times and then Tuchena realised that having back legs was slowing her down on the stairs. She then developed a new technique which involved moving her front legs down the stairs but just dragging her back-end behind her and letting it ‘bump’ down the stairs.

From the look on her face in the second photo, she was having a great time!



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