The Penultimate Lesson

We attended our third sniffer dog lesson last Thursday. I am sad that they are coming to an end as they have really helped Tuchena and I bond. Her trust in me has grown enormously over the past three weeks. This week we could even take part in the lesson in the same way as the other dogs. No special treatment!

Tuchena happily walked across the hall to the small back-room where we have to ‘hide’ whilst Shelley hides the mouse for us to find, where as previously we have just looked away.

Tuchena successfully found the mice each time it was her turn, although she is still not as focused or excited about it in class as she is when we play at home, but I think she is still quite overwhelmed by the unusual surroundings, excited dogs and missing our two labradors.

Tuchena was reactive again when the other dogs got excited or too close to her, which is a new thing for me to cope with as our labradors have never been reactive (funnily enough   :o)and I am aware that Tuchena can look quite scary to those that don’t know her.

We are going to try and manage this reactive behaviour by introducing her to more dogs in a controlled environment and we will be working on this with the help of our friends at The Wolf Centre over the coming months.

It is our final class tomorrow night…..wish us luck!


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