The last lesson

Thursday was our last sniffer dog class. I am pleased with Tuchena’s progress over the last four weeks. She is by no means perfect but has made more progress than I thought possible in such a short space of time.

This week she was much more relaxed and managed to not get too reactive during most of the class. She did have a moment towards the end of the class when it all got too much and she started barking at the spaniel next to us. I blame myself for this as I think maybe I push her too hard. She was giving me signals that she’d had enough and was getting too stressed. Maybe I should have just left the lesson then?

The progress she made was definitely a triumph and I plan to continue the training and socialisation at home. We might sign up to another class when we find a suitable one, but not until I’m sure that Tuchena won’t be too stressed out by it.


Howl at me...

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