The Mother Ship

Tuchena was due her booster vaccinations a couple of weeks ago. In the past when I have had to take the labradors for theirs, it hasn’t really required more thought than phoning the vets, making an appointment and turning up with the vaccination record. With Tuchena however, we had to give this some thought. We could probably get her into the vets if we took the labs too. This would be quite an outing to get a quick booster and we would take up  most of the waiting room!

Taking her on her own would be tricky. Remember the trouble I had getting her in to the hall when I took her to sniffer dog class? Add to that a small waiting room of possibly stressed pets, or worse…CATS! This wasn’t looking like a good idea and I wasn’t sure that this was going to end in a postitve experience for her. If I gave even a hint of the situation stressing me out and my heart rate/blood pressure increased, Tuchena would know and that would be the end of it. As far as she is concerned, if I am not calm about what we are about to face, why should she go along with it. If I make what she sees as a bad decision, I will lose the trust that we have worked so hard to build.

So, we came up with ‘Plan B’ – I contacted the breeder in North Devon and asked if she would mind giving Tuchena her booster. Luckily Andre agreed and as she is so experienced with wolf dogs the whole thing was a breeze……so, it was back to the mother ship. We turned up, I went on in while Leon walked Tuchena up and down a few times outside and then brought her straight in. It was all over with in a few seconds and I am not sure Tuchena even realised that she had been jabbed!

I then made a hasty exit as we know that Andre had a male wolf dog named Buddy that needs re-homing. Leon had read quite a lot about him on Andre’s blog and has already fallen in love with him. I didn’t want to risk seeing him though, as look what happened the last time we visited!

Tuchena the day we brought her home. Aged 4 months.


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