Tuchena howled for the first time on Saturday. Unfortunately we didn’t capture the moment on camera, as we were taken by surprise. We did however manage to get her to howl again yesterday, with the help of friends at The Wolf Centre…..and this time we had camera phones at the ready!

You would not believe how proud we are of her!

The other howls you can hear in the background are a mixture of wolf centre staff (initiating the howl), wolves and wolf dogs.

6 Replies to “Howl!”

  1. So cute! Such a voice, howling is so beautiful! Luna started howling at around 5 months, and now she only does it if we start to or if she hears another dog howling. (We don’t have any wolf sanctuaries etc. by us sadly.)

    1. It does sound amazing, doesn’t it? We didn’t know if Tuchena would, as our two Labradors have taught her to bark. We will be encouraging the howling when we are at The Wolf Centre.

  2. Very nice! Surprisingly, only one of the pack howled with Tuchena. It was Misapequah the Border Collie, who came forth with one of the most mournful howls I have ever heard from her. Hope to hear more some time.

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