Ready to run

Following our recent trip to the wolf dog event and discovering canicross, I have bought Tuchena a pulling harness and a long lead with a waist belt for me to use with it. We are a loooooong way off teaching her to pull yet, but I thought I would put the harness on her to let her get familiar with the feel.





4 Replies to “Ready to run”

  1. It looks like a quality harness! Thankfully Luna was pretty easily leash trained, as I know she’d be trying to get it off of her the whole time. :/ I love to run with Luna, it’s so good for her just as well as me, it’s great that you will be able to have that special running time with Tuchena as well. =)

    1. I am looking forward to it too. It will be tricky teaching her to pull in the harness as we are usually teaching her not to pull. Hopefully she will learn that she is to heal in a collar and pull in a harness!

  2. I am in the process of switching my dog, Zeke, from running next to me, to pulling me canicross-style. I have ordered a “pulling” harness but have been practicing with a regular harness just to let him get a feel for being in front with leash pressure. I think they really pick up on what it is you want from them depending on what harness, tool, or leash you use. Also the difference of wearing regular street clothes for a walk versus running tights/sneakers. Its been great fun for me & Zeke. Hope you heal fast so you can enjoy those runs!

    1. Thanks, I am desperate to get back to running, it feels like this knee is taking forever to heal!
      I hope you are going to blog your progress with Zeke, it will keep me motivated.

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