Wolfdog Rescue


Due to the recent increase in popularity of wolf type dogs, the sad but inevitable has happened. They need rescuing.

They are difficult dogs to own, not only do they require an enormous amount of time, energy and effort, but they also need a different level of understanding, commitment and socialisation to ensure you have a balanced animal.

The rise in popularity may or may not have anything to do with the current trend in vampires and werewolves or the fact that the Northern Inuit breed was used as the dire wolf in The ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series. Either way, they have become the next status dog that will pay the ultimate price.

Genuine breeders of these dogs are very cautious about where their dogs end up and have rigorous interviews and questionnaires for purchasers to complete before they agree to sell their dogs. However there are some owners that just want to make a fast buck and mate their wolfdog with the neighbours GSD to sell on eBay to the highest bidder.

It is sad that a rescue organisation needs to be set up for these amazing creatures, but I am glad that it has. Even if it is just a case of offering support and guidance to an owner that is feeling like giving up or to a rescue centre that has had a wolfdog brought in and has no experience with the breed it will hopefully help the animal.

You can visit Wolfdog rescue and find out more about their work or make a donation by following this link http://www.wdr.uk.com

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