Living with a wolfdog

I spend a lot of time rambling on here about Tuchena and our life with her. I thought it was about time to hear what others think about sharing their lives with a wolfdog, so have asked a few other owners if they would like to write their own stories.

I am very interested to read how others ‘survive’ the daily challenges that wolfdog ownership brings, from socialisation, separation anxiety, pack structure, training, reward, discipline, trust, aggression, other people’s prejudice, extra patience required and the awesome reward of the bond. In my opinion, there is no better thing in the world than the trust and bond with a wolfdog!

I am sure a lot of us will experience similar challenges…….it is nice to know you are  not alone. We may also learn from each other and give an insight  to others looking at the breed as a possible pet……such as ‘warning: not for the faint hearted, they will wear you down and walk all over you!’

I hope you enjoy these posts, the first one will be on the blog soon. In the meantime here is a link back to what I wrote on the subject last year.

2 Replies to “Living with a wolfdog”

  1. It’s a challenge, escapism and fear of strange dogs are our main issues. Druid escaped the other day by opening 2 doors, inwards, and then he took a little walk to my mums house to try and find me (crossing about 6 roads). He didn’t realise I was at college! My other dog went nextdoor to visit Tom the border collie. All was ok and I have now turned ALL the interior door handles upside down and my fridge is in the shed. He can open the oven door so not allowed in the kitchen when i’m cooking a chicken. He is awesome at climbing, he can scale a 9ft fence, whilst using Yana as a step up. He chases cats and steals my socks. Leaves paw prints on my worksurfaces and has broken 3 crates and 4 couches, but the bond and friendship we have is totally worth it. 🙂
    Life with a wolfdog is definatly not for the faint hearted I must say.

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