2 Replies to “A Small Favour”

  1. Is 25 Pounds a week per dog a typical charge for bringing your pet with you on holiday? Stateside, I usually had to pay $10USD (about 6 or 7 Pounds?) per night at the *cheap* motels when we moved across the country with just one dog… Some inns allowed up to one pet for free (included in regular fare), but I also saw some that charged $25 per dog! This is to say nothing of the more high end places…

    1. I would say that £25 per dog per week is average for holiday cottages in the UK. We don’t tend to use hotels as with three large dogs we would struggle to find one her that would accept them. Ironically I find that it is the cottages that do not charge that are usually more accomodating and dog friendly!

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