Wolfdog Day Out

On Sunday we set off early to meet up with another couple who also have Wolfdogs. We drove to Studland Beach in Dorset and took Tuchena and her new friends; Akila & Khaleesi on a beautiful walk on the heath, followed by coffee and bacon sarnies at the little coffee shop on the beach.


Tuchena was so happy to be off lead playing with her friends.

T Akila Khaleesi Heath 2T Akila Khaleesi Heath 3T Akila Khaleesi Heath 1

They then found a dirty smelly bog to cool off in…..

T Akila Khaleesi Bog

After our coffee and bacon sarnie break, we walked them along the beach and found a little cove where we could let them off to play in the sand. It was Tuchena’s first time on a beach and she was a little unsure of the lapping water to start with, but was charging around and climbing on the rocks soon enough…



Leon getting to know Akila and Khaleesi

Tuchena had an awesome day and was really well behaved. We can’t wait to do it again!

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