Living with Wolfdogs – By Jemma

Huge thanks to Jem for her contribution to this series of posts looking at living with a wolfdog, and for the gorgeous photos of her dogs and little girl 🙂

“In March 2012 it came to my attention that a litter of very special puppies had been born, a litter I had been waiting for for about 4 years.
The problem was my daughter was only 4 weeks old, I lived on my own and I already owned a large breed dog!

I spoke to several friends, including family; and with the exception of a handful of people everyone said it was a ‘stupid idea’ and I would struggle to cope etc etc.

I put the idea out of my head, but the puppy pics just kept appearing on my laptop and when the pups turned 7 weeks I made the decision to get my girl.

The only times I have truthfully regretted this decision is when she decided to chew on my drainpipes, destroy the fences and drag my underwear into the garden much to the delight of my neighbour’s 😉

Theia is now over a year old and she has not once attempted to eat my daughter, despite being fed a raw diet 😉  Theia and my daughter do everything together to the point that it is often like having twins and I couldnt have asked for a better dog. Don’t misunderstand me, some days I could happily return her, but it does look like she’s stuck with us for the foreseeable future.”

Jemma’s Family

jem 4 Jem 1 jem 2 Jem 3

3 Replies to “Living with Wolfdogs – By Jemma”

  1. these are great images -and the child’s facial expression in the window contrasting the dog stays
    Thoughtfulness -is a story to be writton -equally it brings to mind both historical and modern relationships between wolf and child or dog and child – such as those abandon children[ in the soviet union] of very young age who were adopted and reared by dogs , as part of a pack many ran on all fours and barked –

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