Day Tripping

Yesterday we travelled to The New Forest to meet up with Nobby & Nicola and their ‘Pack’ again. As well as bringing their pure Czechoslovakian Wolfdog; Akila and their Hybrid; Khaleesi, that we met on our previous walk with them, they also brought along their gorgeous Staffie, Caz this time.

Tuchena can be a bit edgy around smaller dogs, but she was happy enough running around with Caz and he didn’t seem to mind being chased by her either 😉

We finished the walk with a pub lunch. As the weather was so good, the pub garden was packed with groups of people enjoying the sunshine, lots of children, dogs and a couple of horses. I think it is fair to say that we drew quite a lot of attention, strolling through the beer garden with three wolfdogs. We had quite a few people approach us to enquire about the breed and ask to meet them. Tuchena, Akila and Khaleesi were all very well behaved and a credit to their breed. Hopefully a few people went home yesterday having learnt something about wolfdogs!

DSCF1544 DSCF1545DSCF1552 DSCF1553DSCF1556 DSCF1559 DSCF1561DSCF1569 DSCF1568 DSCF1564

2 Replies to “Day Tripping”

  1. I love our ‘meets’. It’s fantastic for the dogs to meet other Wolfdogs and to be able to run and play together. It’s also great for Nicola and I to spend time with two very knowledgeable people and talk about these wonderful animals.
    I think Caz is beginning to think he is a Wolfdog too!
    Some lovely photos there Stef, thank you.

    1. I hope these will become a regular thing, they help with our sanity, as well as being great for Tuchena!
      Ps tell Nic I just found a tick crawling on my arm after a cuddle with Chewie!!!

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