Fitting in

I have been shocked the past few days (since Zephyr joined our pack) by how many people have made the following comment/assumption: That Hendrix (our 8 year old alpha male Labrador) would no longer be ‘leader of the pack’ because Zephyr is bigger and stronger!

What does this say about people if they think the qualities to look for in a leader are size and strength? A leader needs to be wise and fair, that is why Hendrix is our alpha.


2 Replies to “Fitting in”

  1. Yes indeed, sadly it is a common for people to wrongly assume that the leader of the pack (alpha) has achieved that position because the other dogs fear it when in reality, as you say, the position is one of trust and wisdom, the others will look to an alpha to make the right decisions for the whole pack and far from being the most aggresive, will quite often be the dog sitting in the background.
    I bet your Lab, Hendrix, makes an excellent alpha, long may he reign.

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