Tuchena takes a trip to the vet

We had put off having Tuchena spayed for various reasons, however since Zephyr joined us it became obvious that we could put it off no longer!

Tuchena is 26 months old and has probably reached maturity by now, which is one of the reasons we waited so long.

The vet agreed that I could arrive late and have the pre-med administered while I was there to ensure Tuchena wasn’t subjected to anymore stress than absolutely necessary. The sedative started to work pretty quickly and I then assisted the vet nurse with getting Tuchena in to the kennel where she would wait until it was time for the operation.

I then had to go home and wait for a phone call to tell me it was all done and when I could collect her……this waiting is the hardest part for me!

The vet called at 2pm to let me know that all had gone well and I could collect Tuchena at 4.30pm……more waiting!

I arrived (slightly early) to collect her, after going through all the discharge info and medication directions with the vet, I parted with £200 and booked an appointment for her to have her stitches checked on Monday. I then got to go out to the kennel area and collect Tuchena. I have never seen a dog look so sorry for themselves, it was heartbreaking! (It was a good job it was me collecting her, not Leon:) )

She wobbled out to the truck and we set off home, She did manage to wag her tail when she saw Leon, which made him smile 😉

The other dogs have been really gentle with her, they can sense that she is not quite with it, hopefully the effects of the sedative will be gone tomorrow.

Now we just have to face the challenge of keeping her from playing with the other dogs for the next 2 weeks and restricting her exercise ………. A Wolfdog with too much energy is not relaxing!



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