Pack Walk

Back at the end of June we attended the first ‘Pack Walk’ in aid of Wolfdog Rescue.

The walk took place in at Wimbleball Lake which is in the Southwest of the UK. It was a great place to meet as it had on site camping facilities (with no limit to the number of dogs per pitch…phew!) and has a lovely 9 mile walk around the lake.

We set off early on the Saturday morning so we could set up our tent before the walk. I was excited and apprehensive on the way as I knew I would be meeting Zephyr there, with a view to adding him to our pack.

It was great to meet everyone involved in the rescue group and put some faces to names that I know so well. I already consider a lot of them friends, before we had even met.

There was a good turn out with at least 20 wolfdogs plus their owners, as well as the breeder and people interested in the breed and wanting to learn more.

Tuchena was slightly overwhelmed by all of the other dogs and kept her distance from most. Luckily she seemed to like Zephyr 🙂

The weather was typical British Summer – a mix of cold and wet and warm and dry, so we all did the 9 mile walk in various states of undress – waterproofs on, waterproofs off, sweatshirt on, sweatshirt off….you get the idea! In hindsight, I think I was glad the weather was like that, rather than the heat we have had recently, I am not sure the dogs would have found it too comfortable.

All of the dogs (& Humans) were great and got along as well as could be expected. You can’t expect that number of dogs to all get along perfectly, but the owners were all respectful and those dogs that needed a bit of extra space weren’t crowded out.

After the walk we had a hog roast back at the campsite and a few well-earned beers.

The event raised £648 for Wolfdog Rescue – funds which they desperately need – so was a good start to the fundraising!

I am looking forward to the next one 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the day – Thanks to all who said I could use their photos, I was so keen on getting to know Zephyr I didn’t get my camera out once!

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