Dog Treat O.C.D.

Why is it that ladies trousers never have useful pockets? When we go out for a walk Leon seems to have ample room in his various pockets for dog treats, pen knife, wallet, poo bags, more dog treats, spare change, mobile phone… name it, he has got it stashed somewhere! Where as me, I am lucky if I can get a couple of gravy bones and a mobile phone in mine. They are always too small and too close fitting to be of much use, so I needed to sort this out before I take Zephyr to recall class next month.

The answer? chalk bags ๐Ÿ˜„

I would like to claim that this genius idea was mine, however that would be a great big fib! I have seen a couple of people using them recently and felt like running up to them and giving them a big hug for providing the answer to my dilemma!

Chalk bags slide on to a belt and have a rigid 35cm opening, to allow climbers easy access to their chalk (or dog owners easy access to treats!).

Mine arrived yesterday from O.C.D. (obsessive climbing designs) and it had a test run on last nights walk. It is fleece lined, so I chucked my mobile phone in the bottom along with a couple of poo bags and then filled a freezer bag with dog treats and put this in the chalk bag, folding the top of the freezer bag over the rim of the chalk bag, which allowed free and easy access to the treats during our walk. There is also a draw cord on the bag, which I used when we were having a run/play in the field to stop me losing everything, it will also come in handy in the rain.

I am pleased I have found a solution finally!

O.C.D also have an eBay shop (which is where I purchased mine from) that is offering 50% off at the moment.





2 Replies to “Dog Treat O.C.D.”

  1. I have the same problem! With Alfie being so small you have to walk half bent over anyway, then you can’t get the treats out. I end up having to wear a coat with big pockets in so I can use them freely. It isn’t the best especially with the warm weather in the U.K.. I think you might just have solved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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