Zephyr – 14 weeks


Wow, I just counted the weeks on the calendar since Zephyr joined our pack and it has only been 14 weeks! When I think of the progress he has made it amazes me that it has been such a short space of time. Although everything feels like it is taking a long time, in reality that can’t be true……I counted twice to be sure!

Zephyr is very nervous and initially wouldn’t go out with out another of our dogs, I am now able to take him out on his own and we meet other dogs. Although he never approaches them first. He will stand still and wait for them to either walk by or come and say hello. He tends to be aloof and not bothered by other dogs. I walked him with my sister and her little dog this week. Zephyr is happy to just plod along on lead, but if pip disappeared from sight his ears would prick up and he would be anxious until she returned. He then ignores her again!

Until about 3 weeks ago Zephyr would not come in the house when it was time for me to leave for work. He was then so distressed while I was at work that the furniture, doors, wall and window have sustained quite a bit if damage. We have started to build an outdoor enclosure for him as his distress was causing us too much heartache. However, that might have been a bit premature (& time-consuming & expensive) as the last 3 weeks he has been in the house on his bed ready for me to go to work. There has also been minimal damage and signs of stress, so hopefully this is another step forward.

Mouthing was another problem I was having with Zephyr. It was only a problem with me, he wasn’t doing it to anyone else but I spent weeks with my arms and legs covered with bruises in various shades from purple to yellow! Again in the last 3-4 weeks we appear to have managed this and it is now a very rare occurrence, and if it does happen it is very brief.

I am able to walk Zephyr off lead in the field, even at close to dark this week. He is so pack orientated that he will not stray far from us (yet!). I am aware this might change as/if he gets braver.

Last night we attended our first class. I signed Zephyr and I up to recall class a good few weeks ago. I don’t think recall will be too much of an issue for him, but it is fun to have something to work towards together and the socialising side of it is great for him.

Zephyr is very travel sick, even on short journeys. Tuchena was initially too. So I am really hoping this is something that will ease over time, as it did for her. It appears to be very common with Wolfdogs.

Zephyr is not a fan of getting in the van, but I think this is partly due to the travel sickness and I might need to sort that before I can get him in the van happily. He is very heavy to lift, so the sooner the better!

The last 14 weeks have been exhausting and we have made lots of changes to ensure all of Zephyrs needs are met with the least trauma possible.
I am really pleased with his progress, it has been hard-work, but is just the beginning. He is an amazing animal and I feel privileged to share a bond with him.

Photo dump coming up, enjoy! 😄















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