A Year in Pictures 45/52

I took Zephyr to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, as her step-daughter loves dogs and wolves and wanted to meet him. We went for a beautiful walk along the river at Great Elm with them and their spaniel Jed.

Kaitlin was great with Zephyr, she was calm and respectful which Zephyr really appreciated……thank you Kaitlin!


4 Replies to “A Year in Pictures 45/52”

  1. I really enjoy looking at your pictures. I live in the US and we have a wolfdog Joaquine his is just wonderful. We are moving to South Carolina and I am wondering if there are any clubs or organization that you have heard of that we could join. We would love to get together with others our guy is really friendly and it would be nice to get to know others with a very special dog like ours.

    1. Hi Ellen
      Thanks so much for reading my blog. They really are special animals, aren’t they?
      I live in the UK so I am not familiar with any groups in the U.S. Hope you find some to meet up with!

  2. Wow! What a handsome dog. Over the past few days I’ve done a ton of research about Czech Wolfdogs, and have determined that when I’m established enough (currently a student, and hating the fact that living on my own means being separated from my family’s Shepherd-Sharpei mix), I will own one… It sounds like a challenging but rewarding experience. Until then, I’ll be following your blog!

    1. Thanks Eli, and welcome to the blog! They really are the most rewarding animals, but are by no means easy. It is great to hear that you are doing your research early, as I am sure that will help you when the time is right 😄

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