A Year in Pictures 48/52

Zephyr and I have had a really busy couple of days. On Friday I took him to the vets for the first time, which went better than I had thought and although we didn’t manage to weigh him, the vet agrees that he is approx 45kg.

On Saturday we went for a walk around a local town as there was a craft fair going on so I thought there would be lots of people about and could work on his socialisation.

Yesterday morning Zephyr and I joined in with a local walking group as part of The Somer Valley FM 6 week challenge for an hours walk around the local area, again all good for Zephyrs socialisation. We will be joining that group again for a walk this Sunday, if you would like to come then we meet at the miners wheel in Radstock at 10am on Sunday morning.

Anyway after such a busy weekend, (I also had a sisters birthday, meal at my in-laws and lots of revision to cram in) I have to confess that I haven’t taken any photos of the wolfies all week………..so here is a favourite of mine, it is the first thing I see when I open my eyes each morning 😄


Howl at me...

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