A Year in Pictures 50/52

I took Zephyr on a lovely (wet) walk yesterday afternoon with Emily and her dog Boo. After finding some horse poo to roll in and then a river to play in (and wash the poo off!) we stopped in a pub. We didn’t know if Zephyr would go in, or if he did how long he would stay with out getting too stressed. Luckily there were only a couple of other people in the pub and Zeph settled quickly. He was even relaxed enough to have a little nap 😄

When we got to the pub, Emily popped in to ask if it was ok to bring a couple of dogs in, while I waited outside with Zephyr and Boo. They said it was fine, but the look on their face was a picture when we walked in with approx 120kg of dog between us.


Howl at me...

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