Simply having a wonderful Wolfie time!

Ok, so I know this is just copied from last years Xmas eve post, but I think I will make it tradition, as I think it is a great Xmas eve bedtime story !

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you believe and however you chose to celebrate! xxx

‘Twas the night before Solstice and all through the woods
Eight lean wolves were hunting for warm, meaty goods.
They searched far and wide, they gave it their best,
But came up with nothing, and laid down to rest.
They slept on snowdrifts, noses tucked into tails,
White frost on their muzzles, backs turned to the gales;
When up in the sky there appeared a weird vision:
An old man, a sleigh, and a banquet of venison!

Past dancing Northern Lights, they dropped from the sky; 
Touched down on the snow: they were going to come by!
The wolves lay in wait scarcely daring to breathe, 
“Here comes a great gift, and hooves for our wreath!”
“On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer and Vixen!”
The wolves crouched prepared for the feast they were fixin’;
As the sleigh drew alongside, wolves burst from the trees
It was all said and done ‘fore the old man could sneeze.

The wolves acted on instinct; now, bellies distended
With no thought of Solstice their actions had ended
When they heard a strange sound, and looked at the sled:
Old Santa was crying, “My reindeer are dead!
How will I deliver my beautiful toys 
To hopeful, deserving, good girls and boys?”
It then dawned on the wolves they had done something bad
And amidst some loud burping, all felt very sad.

So they huddled together and discussed as a pack
How to help Santa deliver the gifts in his sack.
Alpha brightened a bit and started to howl: 
“I’ve got it!” as reindeer hair fell from his jowl.
“We will fit in that harness, we can pull that old sleigh;
Yes! Solstice will happen! Let’s get Santa on his way!”
Now Santa was hesitant to work with deer slayers;
But accepting the offer, he hitched up the players.

The wolves loped, ran, and flew around the world that whole night
The wolves really dug it; Santa beamed with delight.
“Your soft feet are so quiet! No clatter of hooves 
Like those noisy old reindeer on hard, frozen roofs.
Near the end of the journey, Santa had a strange thought
“This is BETTER than those flighty reindeer I fought!”

Santa thought to himself “Who the heck needs to know?”
So he turned to the wolves, their gold eyes aglow
And said “Whatcha doing this time next year?”
The wolves slyly replied: “We will pull; for more deer!”
Now my friends, you be watching for Santa this year
To see if he has teamed up with wolves or with deer…

(From the South Georgia Siberian Husky Club)

snow wolf

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