Farewell Akila

We received the sad news yesterday afternoon that our friends Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Akila suffered a brain Haemorrhage whilst out for a walk with his pack and died.  Akila was only a year and a half old, but had brought a lifetime of memories, love and laughter to his family and will be missed.
Sleep well sweet boy xxx

A Wolf Prayer
By Darren M. Grine

Your spirit gave us life
Your power gave us strength
Your existence gave us purpose

Skillfully, you shadowed us
Willingly, we shadowed you
Mirthfully, we beheld Mother Earth

Side by side, we willfully shared
Graciously, it was both who howled
Together, we cried out to Grandfather

Fear not fear, but embrace
We are the people of the Sioux
You are wolf, our ancestral brother


5 Replies to “Farewell Akila”

  1. Than you Steff for such a beautiful poem. Akila is at peace and we are so very grateful to him for enriching our lives.
    The kind messages and thoughts from everyone mean so much to us, thank you all.

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