Zephyr – 6 months

image image image image image image image image image image imageMy last update on Zephyr’s progress was in September, when he had been with us for 14 weeks. Zeph is now 14 months old and has been part of our pack for 6 months, so I thought it was a good time to check on his progress.

I think it is fair to say that in the last couple of weeks Zephyr has found his feet and is more confident. He is testing/challenging Hendrix (our 8yr old lab) on a daily basis and we are not sure what to make of this yet.  Zephyr is also more confident with Leon (hubby). He will now let Leon walk past him in the house and is less jumpy every time Leon moves.

Zephyr’s travel sickness has improved, with frequent short journeys and by stopping feeding beef and tripe. He will also get in the van willingly now, which is a huge relief as I can’t lift 50kg of dog into the van, let alone carry him from the house to the van like I was having to!

Zephyr turned one in October, we took part in the Wolfdog Rescue Pack Walk and had friends; Isla and Stevie, come to stay for a few days.

In November we went on holiday to the Peak District. We were concerned that Zeph wouldn’t settle in (or even enter) the holiday cottage, but he was great and took his lead from the other dogs.  He did decide to go off his normal food while we were away, so I had to locate somewhere to buy fresh rabbit for him during our stay, which he would happily take off to the garden to munch on.

December was a busy month for Zephyr. First off we had to go to the vets as his first lot of boosters were due and this would be his first trip to the vets since joining us. I enrolled the help of my mum and took Hendrix with us too, thankfully I also have a very understanding and patient vet so the whole experience was a lot less traumatic than I was expecting.

We then had a couple of dates with Boo. Boo is an Old English Mastiff that belongs to my friend Emily. Boo is the calmest, most well balanced and socialised dog I have ever met and thankfully Emily is happy to help with Zeph’s training. We took Zeph and Boo in to Bath at the beginning of December. We kept to the edges of the crazy, busy Christmas markets, found a coffee shop and sat outside watching all of the chaos from a distance for a while. We then walked them around a less busy (but still a lot busier than Zeph has ever encountered) part of town before a walk through Victoria Park, then home. A couple of weeks later we met for a walk along the old railway track so Zeph could have some off-lead socialisation with the help of a good role model, this ended up with a stop off in a pub. I was unsure how Zeph would cope but with Boo by his side it all seems less scary.

Zeph appears to dislike doorways, and will not go through one if anyone is near it (except me) and is not keen on being in the house if we have visitors, he would rather be outside. His most favourite place to be is in the bedroom, on his bed next to where I sleep. He is back to eating his regular food again, with rabbit occasionally as a treat.

We still have a lot to work on, I am looking forward to making further progress in 2014.







6 Replies to “Zephyr – 6 months”

  1. What a beautiful guy. Glad you are making such good progress with him. I’m curious-how much bigger is he than Tuchena, it seems like a noticeable difference.

    1. He is a big boy. Still not quite fully grown, he currently measures approx 31″ to his shoulder and weighs over 50kg (I think that is approx 110lb?). Tuchena weighs approx 37kg (81lb) and is quite a bit shorter. I will try to measure here later when she is awake 😄

  2. Awww Zephyr is the same age as Jake, this proves how different they can be as individuals. 🙂 Jake is off to the vet on Sat, he is great with visitors but not so great with vehicles. I will not give beef and tripe until after Sat. I am surprised at how he has suddenly started listening to me now. His main issue now is with inanimate objects that he perceives as being a threat! Thanks for your lovely updates in 2013, here’s looking forward to a woofy 2014!

  3. I can’t really tell if cutting out beef/tripe helped as Jake was not sick on the journey to the vets but sick on the way back, so it could be that he worked himself up to it. He was fine whilst at the vets though so I am pleased about that. I can’t believe the vet advised me against the raw diet despite Jake’s obvious good health! She told me to cook it! I didn’t do too much arguing apart from stating the obvious – loosing all the goodness etc.

    1. That old chestnut! It is amazing that vets still try that. There are a couple I know that actually recommend it and have an understanding of it, but the majority still seem to advise against through ignorance!

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