Can music calm your dog?

Zephyr can be nervous and jumpy and generally unsettled at times. He is getting better with traffic, when he first came to live with us traffic was a BIG NO! Now, if it is not too busy it is just about manageable….unless it is a lorry…or a bus…or a motorbike….or it is raining and making that whooooosh noise!

If someone scrapes their chair on the floor, that is a good reason to jump, as well as loud voices. I don’t mean shouting, just some men have really loud deep voices and he is not a fan of that either.

He can be unsettled around strangers and when he is outside of our home/garden. If I take him to visit my mum or in-laws he is edgy, nervous and waiting to bolt, even though he knows that means getting back in the van….he is not keen on that either!

He also has separation anxiety…, basically Zephyr is happy and settled when I am at home with him and we don’t have to go anywhere and we aren’t having any visitors…..its a good job I love that boy!

I came across this study taking part in the US looking at the use of music to calm dogs and help those with noise phobias. I have signed up to the two week study and will be trying the collar on Zephyr. If anyone else fancies giving it a go please contact them on the details below and don’t forget to mention that you heard about it here!

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