Good dog – Bad dog – Sad dog – Mad dog

A good summary of why it is dangerous to label dogs based on preconception. Each dog is individual and needs to be given a chance to achieve it’s true potential.


We have had a number of dogs over the years.  Their nicknames range from Crazy Kiki and Loveable Kaya, to Kipper the Ex-Crotch Ripper and Sweet Karma.  Their nicknames give a clear indication of their personalities.  Their names are practically labels.

A past client of mine labelled their dog.  They adopted a mixed breed puppy.  The trainer that they first met made a dire prediction.  “That is a Pit Bull.  It is genetically predisposed to aggression.  You don’t have children…do you?”

Diligently they worked at modifying the dog’s “genetic tendencies toward being a menace to society.”  Of course, the poor pup lived under an iron fist and non-negotiable rules.  Fear of an impending mauling struck the fear of doG in the family’s heart.  Instead of socializing they shied away from other animals – they shied away from play dates, scared that some killer instinct would emerge.

Of course, aggression did…

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One Reply to “Good dog – Bad dog – Sad dog – Mad dog”

  1. that is so true to the word giving a mean or frightening sounding name like demon etc already lets the dog down as people 1st impression part frm dogs looks is their name where as a sweet name or even human name can add a softness to a dog or even “mean looking dogs” can change a persons view quite quickly and not prejudging before working with it, a lessoned to be lernt

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