Poorly boy!

Zephyr has been a bit under the weather the last few days. He stopped eating on Saturday night, was sick a few times, and was very quiet and lethargic. He didn’t eat or drink for for  36 hours and I couldn’t even tempt him with his favourite things 😞

He appeared to be hungry, wanted to take the food and then changed his mind. I was worried enough to take him to see the vet on Monday afternoon, where he was examined and given something to stop him feeling nauseous and to bring his temperature down. That seemed to help as Zeph ate some pilchards Monday night, but was sick during the night. Tuesday morning he was a bit brighter and ate a light breakfast.

By the time I got home from work yesterday he was much more himself, but a quieter version. He was obviously very hungry so we fed him a whole rabbit which he devoured in no time! We have fed him about 700g meat this morning and he could have eaten twice that amount!

He is still quieter than usual, but I am hoping that a couple more good meals will get him back to normal. He seems to drop his weight so quickly if he misses a meal that he looks skinny to me now.

Zephyr at the Vets on Monday


Zephyr eating his rabbit


Howl at me...

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