Bank Holiday Weekend Fun

I had a 4 day weekend (bonus of not working Fridays šŸ˜„) so had lots of time to spend with the dogs.

On Saturday Zephyr and I met up with Emily and Boo and explored the Cycle track from Mells. Zeph loves being with Boo and was making us laugh by trying to hide behind her to begin with, until he felt brave enough to be seen! They are like an old married couple. Emily and I are making plans for them to have their first holiday together šŸ˜Š

On Sunday Coleford were having a village day with a dog show, so Zeph and I went along to work on his social skills. We spent a lot of time just people/dog watching from the edges, venturing in to the more crowded areas when he is ready and then retreating to the edges to watch some more when he tells me he needs space. We did this for a couple of hours as he was doing really well. He got a lot of interest from other visitors and was really good with the attention. When it gets too much or we get crowded I ask people to give him a break and some room for a bit and everyone really respected his space, for which we are very grateful.

Monday was a bank holiday , so it rained……..all day! We decided to brave the rain and meet up with Emily and Boo again at the Bath Cats & Dogs Home Fun Day. We had a fun but soggy hour with them. They certainly attract a lot of attention from everyone, I suppose together they make quite a sight!





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