A Wonderful Week in Wales!

We have just got home from a wonderful week in Wales. We were staying in a tiny village called Port Lion which is close to the Pembrokeshire coast.

The holiday cottage itself is in need of some modernisation, BUT the doggy-awesomeness totally makes up for it. It is a five bed dormer bungalow sleeping up to 10 people, so we had plenty of room and didn’t even go upstairs! The best bit though…..there is a half acre fully enclosed garden attached to the property – just open up the utility room door and out they go! The bungalow has huge windows on that side of the building so you can see the whole of the garden from that side of the house easily. In addition to the enclosed garden there is a 2 acre private paddock accessed from the top of the enclosed garden. The paddock is enclosed-ish, but definitely not escape proof so we kept Tuchena on a long lead in there but the other 3 got to have a good run around and there was lots to sniff! To the left hand side of the enclosed garden was MORE garden and two stables – yep, you can bring your horse too, and more unused garden to the top of the enclosed garden. This meant that the enclosed garden was bordered on each side by land owned by the property, so no need to worry about any boundary issues with neighbouring dogs!

We were really lucky with the weather and only had rain on the last day and that was only for a couple of hours. We loved the big kitchen table and this was where we spent a lot of time – Leon with his maps planning walks and me with my laptop and books doing coursework and my TTouch case studies. I used the area with the stables to set up some TTouch groundwork and spent time with each of the dogs doing this and then writing it all up….until Zeph tried to distract me either with kisses or just by lying on my paperwork!

From the property it was a two minute walk downhill to the estuary – where Zeph and I did some exploring, looking at boats and seaweed eating (him, not me!). You can also access Benton Woods here and spend a couple of hours walking.

We will most definitely be back.

If you want to take a look at where we were staying click here

The ‘TTouch Garden’

P1020715 P1020721 P1020752 P1020765

 Leon’s Walks

P1020712 P1020726 P1020727 P1020732

The Paddock

IMG_3523 IMG_3524

The Enclosed Garden


IMG_3521 IMG_3522

The House


IMG_3528 IMG_3540 IMG_3551 IMG_3553 IMG_3554 IMG_3555

Out & About

IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3546

Stop studying now!!



Have you been anywhere very dog friendly on holiday? I would love to know where as we are already looking for somewhere to book for later in the year!

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