2015 in Pictures 12/52

This week has been dog crazy…..even by our standards!

Isla arrived on Thursday night and her favourite topic of conversation is also dogs, so it has been non stop!

I took Zephyr out with Hendrix for a walk on Friday afternoon, they were both very well behaved, but as you can tell from the photo they are not great mates!

The weekend was spent at Suzanne Clothier Seminars which were taking place near Bristol (organised by Daybreak Dogs). I am a huge fan of Suzanne and feel so lucky to have attended her seminars. The last time she was in the UK was in the 1980’s! Her philosophy centres around your relationship with your dog and working together. It makes perfect sense to me. Zephyr had already shown me the way with this type training, he asks for this all of the time, so to be able to better understand it and build on it was great.


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