2015 in Pictures 14/52

Woooohoooo 4 day weekends are awesome! (Even if the man-beast had man flu and spent half of it in bed)

The dogs had an ‘Easter Egg Hunt’, with coconuts instead of Easter eggs 😊

Zephyr and I met up with my sister and her little dog Pip for a couple of walks. We have to cross a busy road from my sisters house and Zeph has made such huge progress with his fear of traffic. Previously he would panic and back away and then pull to get as far away as possible. He was very calm this week, stopped to sniff a big tree fairly close to the road and remained relaxed throughout…..and luckily no lorries or buses went by!

Zeph was like an enormous puppy when I let him off lead to play with Pip. I think he enjoyed his Easter weekend!



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