2015 in Pictures 19/52

On Tuesday I took Zephyr to see the very lovely Sarah Drawbridge of Harmony Vets for a Zoopharmacognosy session.  Zephyr is not the easiest of dogs to work with due to his fearful nature so it took a while for him to stop pacing and engage with the process…thankfully Sarah has the patience of a saint! She watched his reactions to each oil carefully and found a mixture of four that helped to calm and relax him enough for us to be able to progress with the rest of the session. I was interested in zoopharmacognosy to address Zephyrs digestion, but he avoided all remedies recommended for digestion and instead opted for oils which work on fear and anxiety.

I found the whole process fascinating and accept that Zephyr needs to address his safety needs first, hopefully when we have addressed that then maybe we can sort his digestion…or maybe when/if we cure the anxiety issues then the digestion problem will sort itself out?

Howl at me...

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