Busy and Beautiful September!

We have been so busy for the last couple of weeks that I haven’t even had time to upload photos of our adventures!

September has been great – I spent 6 days at Tilley Farm on my fourth TTouch Practitioner training clinic. I took Otis this time and it was lovely to have him to work with instead of Zephyr for a change – each dog teaches you different things so I am lucky to have four ‘teachers’ that I can work with! I also qualified as a TTouch Practitioner Assistant this time which was wonderful – just another year to go until I (hopefully) qualify as a Practitioner!

I then packed my bags and headed of to Dartmoor for a long weekend with Zephyr, Emily and Boo. I was unsure how well this would go as it was the first time that Zeph had been away from the rest of our pack for more than a few hours, but he was awesome! We visited Hay Tor, Holne Wood, Hembury Woods and Meldon Reservoir, ate picnics and went to a pub! We are already planning next years adventure!

Here are a few photos….if you want to see even more then take a look at our facebook page 🙂


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