Naturo Dog Treats

This week we have been trying out the new treat range by Naturo. Their mini baked treat range comes in three varieties and are all made with 100% natural ingredients, are wheat & gluten free and retail at Β£3 per 150g pack.

Liver Brownies – These contain 33% liver and look just like mini chocolate brownies πŸ™‚ We tried these out first and they had a thumbs up from 3 out of the 4 dogs. Zephyr took his treat but then left it. They are quite big and crunchy (so good for the teeth) and Zeph is suspicious of new things so probably just didn’t want to bite in to it until he knew what it was. Hendrix, Otis and Tuchena devoured theirs!

Liver & Cranberry Biscotti – These treats contain 20% liver and look too good for dog treats! I decided to use these to stuff their Kongs (along with some meat) as they are they perfect shape and size. They looked delicious (probably my favourite of the three varieties) and had some gorgeous juicy cranberries in them. There was no evidence of any of the biscotti left once the Kongs were empty, so we are giving these the thumbs up from all 4 dogs πŸ™‚

Lamb & Rice Bones – These contain 10% liver and are the lowest in fat out of the three varieties at 6.3%. These were easy to break in half if they are too big for your dog (we try to limit Hendrix & Otis to smaller amounts as they have a bit of middle aged spread) and were the clear winner in our house. 4 thumbs up and Zephyr (Mr Fussy) kept nudging at me to give him more πŸ™‚ I love it when he finds something he likes ❀

Thanks to Naturo for sending us the treats to try. They did not ask me to review them, they were sent as a gift following some feedback I gave with regards to another product. I have to say that their customer service was outstanding, probably the best I have encountered in a long time!

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