My Memorial Ring

When we lost Hendrix, I knew that I needed something I could carry with me every day to remind me of him. He had been my rock and by my side for so long that facing each day without him felt wrong.

After thinking about and researching my options I decided I would like a memorial ring. There are many different types of memorial ring. Some you can purchase that have a void that you fill with some of the ashes yourself and then replace the stopper, some have glass ‘stones’ that contain ashes and are set in a ring and others are bands of resin containing ashes.

There were so many options, but none were exactly what I wanted. I was after something unique – Hendrix was a one in a million dog and so I wanted his memorial to be as individual as he was. I also felt uncomfortable posting his ashes to a company/person I didn’t know and wanted to be 100% sure that the ring I got back contained his ashes. I am not usually a worrier, but I found the idea of posting his ashes really difficult.

Eventually, I asked my friend Lisa if her daughter would be willing to make me what I was after. I had seen some of Amber’s work and it was beautiful, thoughtful and unique. There was also the added bonus that they only live a 30 min drive away so I could deliver the ashes and I knew that Amber would treat the ashes with respect and love throughout the process.

I was thrilled that Amber agreed to design and make the ring. After initial discussions and sharing ideas she came up with the perfect design. I wanted something simple but not too delicate. We chose a silver band with a hammered finish. The ashes were then set in resin along with three pieces of alexandrite, which is Hendrix’s birthstone.

I collected the ring last week and couldn’t be happier. It is beautiful and unique – just like my boy. To have him with me every day again makes the days that little bit brighter and I keep catching myself looking at my hand, smiling to myself as I remember times we shared together.

 If you would like to see more of Amber’s work take a look at

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