Our first trip in ‘Albus’

At the end of last Summer we purchased a van to convert into a camper (known as Albus the Adventure Bus). I had tried camping with Zephyr in my small VW Caddy van, but it was a bit of a squeeze and Zephyr won’t go near a tent.

Over the Autumn and Winter Leon and a friend worked on converting the van into a camper and a couple of weeks ago we finally got to test it out!
We took Zephyr to Dartmoor for two nights as Leon had arranged to meet a friend and spend a day climbing. This gave Zephyr and I time to get familiar with the van in his own time.

To be honest I was a bit nervous, as Zephyr was a terrible traveller for the first couple of years that he was with us. He would shake, tail tuck and pee himself when he had to get in the van or lie down and curl up into a ball and refuse to go near it. Many a time I have been reduced to tears as I have been stuck somewhere with Zephyr and unable to get him home! We have spent years getting him gradually more comfortable with travelling. The shaking, peeing and refusal stopped a while ago, but the drooling and sickness lasted a long time. Occasionally now he may be sick, but it is an unusual occurrence as opposed to the norm nowadays.

Zephyr’s priority is always safety and so we spent this weekend making sure that the van represented a safe space for him. This is not a chore for me – it mainly involved me just chilling out in the van, going for short walks, more chilling out, some snoozing, sunbathing next to the van, picnicking, strolls on the beach…… it’s a hard life 🙂 The ‘hard work’ paid off and Zephyr now happily gets in and out of the van and slept at the end of the bed.

So now we are getting ready to head off on a big road trip and one of the main reasons for getting the camper – 12 days touring the Scottish Highlands…….wish us luck!

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