Otis 29.05.08 – 28.05.17

We said farewell to Otis yesterday. We are in complete shock and utterly heartbroken.

Otis was my 30th birthday present from Leon and we were sure he would outlive us all. He was our ‘comedy dog’ and the eternal puppy. He never grew up, even though he was almost nine.

He made us laugh every day, he did things for the sheer hell of it, for the joy it brought him and nothing else. He would find the muddiest puddles to wallow in, would steal shoes and socks daily and I was always retrieving them from the garden right up until Saturday morning. He loved digging holes to sleep in and was always in water! 

He would nibble noses of the people he loved and he was so insistent on it tears of joy and laughter were shed by all who knew him. He made ‘hippo’ sounds and was generally a noisy dog. I have never needed to set an alarm clock – he would bark at 5am each morning because he wanted to see us. He didn’t want to go out for a wee or be fed, just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and have a cuddle.

He was my buddy, he joined me on most of my TTouch Training Clinics and was always a star. He was so laid back that he made me look so much better than I was.

He was my work buddy too and joined me in the office for a couple of days last year after he had a growth removed from his eye.

Every day was fun for Otis because he was Otis. Every day was filled with laughter for us because of Otis.

If I had to make a list of his favourite things they would be: Shoes, Socks, nibbling noses, sofa cuddles, water and barking.

Our house seems so quiet now and so big. Having lost two dogs in three months has broken us. We are still grieving for Hendrix and maybe Otis was too as he had seemed a bit lost and confused in the last few months.

Everyone says to remember the good times and we are trying, but for now I feel as though I can’t breathe.

Today would have been Otis’ 9th birthday.

Sleep well my boy, my Otis, my Pickle.

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