Trip # 5 in Albus – My Best Friends Wedding and The Welsh 3000 challenge

When your best friend lives an 8 hour drive away and is getting married, the best thing to do is turn it in to a road trip 🙂

We set off the afternoon before the wedding and headed North. We took our time stopping regularly for breaks as it was warm (less so the further North we went) and arrived in Acklington at about 8pm. We were staying at the pub on their campsite so headed straight for the bar to order some food. It was busy and noisy in the bar with pre-wedding celebrations, but Zephyr settled quickly with me and we started making friends with some of the other guests.

The next morning I took Zeph for a quick walk to the wedding venue so he could check it out before it got busy and sniff/pee as much as he liked to get it out of his system a bit. Then it was time for a quick shower and change and back for the ceremony.

It was a beautiful shamanic ceremony on midsummers day which was just full of love. I am so happy that Isla and Stevie have found each other, they are a perfect match ❤

It was fabulous that Zephyr could be a part of the celebration too – he was in the circle with me during the blessing and then we had our own special table for the meal which had a large cupboard next to it which Zephyr could use as a safe space/den. As the weather was so nice, we spent the evening in the garden (rather than inside with the band) drinking wine and chatting. Zephyr did amazingly well.

The next day we made a quick stop in Morpeth to stock up on dog food and then headed to the Lake District for the night. 

We went for a walk at Derwent Water and camped at the same site we stayed on about 7 years ago when we visited with the labradors. It was nice to re-visit their favourite walk. As if this wasn’t enough for a day, Leon went for a quick run up Blencathra while Zeph and I were back at the van with a bottle of wine and a book!

Next stop was North Wales – Leon loves it here but I haven’t spent much time here. He is hoping I will fall in love with it too I think. We took Zephyr for a short walk up to llyn Idwal where he got in for a swim and then went in search of a campsite.

On Saturday we drove to a Reservoir for a walk and then on to Corwen to visit my Uncle Ray – it was great to catch up with him over a few bottles of wine and a BBQ. Zephyr chilled out in the garden with us…there was a scary moment when one of Ray’s free range chickens wandered over to Zephyr, but Zeph just closed his eyes and waited for it to move away 🙂 Phew!

We camped on Ray’s drive that night and left at 4am to head to Snowdon. Leon planned to attempt the ‘Welsh 3000’ (even though the weather was miserable!) I dropped him off at 6am with instructions to meet him at Nant Peris at 9am. He arrived early (I may have been having a sneaky nap), had a quick change of clothes and set off again. I was to meet him next at Ogwen Valley at lunchtime. He was a bit behind schedule for this stop, but stopped for some lunch and another change of clothes. The final meeting point was to be at Aberfalls  car park. Leon arrived here at 9pm. It had taken him 15 hours inc stops (Total walking time 12 hours) which he was pleased with.

Zephyr attracted more attention on this week trip than ever. He had his photo taken and we chatted with people interested in his breed everyday. I couldn’t even get him out at a service station for a wee without being stopped. He handles the attention really well, but is not interested in many people and just ignores them while I chat away.

His eating was better and more consistent on this trip and he definitely now views the camper as his second home.

Bring on the next adventure! 

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