Trip #6 in Albus – A Dog-Free Girls Weekend

I went away without Zephyr!

As much as I love Zephyr, he can limit what I am able to do as he is so dependent on me for his security, so I left him at home with the manbeast for a weekend and went on an adventure with my BFF Emma. (I know you may think ‘what happened to Isla, I thought she was your BFF?’…well she is too. In fact I am very lucky to have 4 BFF’s because I need to count Emily and Carmen in that category too 🙂 )

Anyway, for Emma’s 40th birthday in January I booked us a weekend of climbing tuition with Justin from Climb South West, which we did last weekend.

Emma and I set off for our campsite on Friday afternoon and after a few hours sat on the A303 we arrived, had a quick bite to eat in the clubhouse (think Fawlty Towers with a club singer) and had an early night ready for tomorrow.

We were about a twenty minute drive from where we had arranged to meet Justin, so had quite a relaxed morning and were only 10 minutes late – this is a miracle! We spent Saturday climbing at Dewerstone and although the weather was wet we were quite sheltered and didn’t let the weather bother us. Em and I both climb at the local climbing wall but do not have a great deal of experience climbing outside. This weekend was pitched perfectly at our abilities and helped our confidence with some trickier moves as well as plenty of belaying practice and a couple of abseils. (I definitely prefer climbing to abseiling!)

On the way back to the campsite we found a Costa to recharge our caffeine, dry off a bit and use the wifi, then it was back to the van for a chicken curry, yoga and wine.

Sunday morning we met Justin in Chudleigh (again we were only 10 mins late – remarkable!) for another day of climbing. Although we were a bit achy from the previous day I think we were both feeling a bit more confident today and the sun was shining 🙂

We finished at around 4pm and drove home. It was so lovely to have a weekend free from having to think about Zephyr, but I did miss him loads. From the photos that manbeast kept sending me I think Zeph was missing me too….he spent most of the time sat on the step by the gate watching for my car.

We made up for it with sofa cuddles and sharing my pizza when I got home ❤

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