A quick trip to Aberystwyth

Our friends (Dan & Kim) moved from Bath to Aberystwyth earlier this year and now that they are settled we decided it was time to pay them a visit! I met Dan when we worked together about 15 years ago and we have always kept in touch – you know sometimes how someone comes in to your life and it is just easy? It is like you have always known each other and you don’t need to try? You just ‘get’ each other? Well that is how I would describe Dan, kinda like having a brother. He also has an awesome wife and the cutest kid you could ever meet!

Leon, Zephyr and I set off in Albus on Friday afternoon. Traffic was the usual Friday chaos but we are getting used to that now! We stopped on the way to walk Zephyr and warm up some soup (I love having a camper van!) and arrived with Dan & Kim just after 9pm. Zephyr was amazing and went straight in to their house with no fuss. We chatted and drank wine/cider/ beer for a couple of hours and then headed back to Albus for the night. Their house is in the Cwmrheidol Valley and it is very quiet, so it is perfect for us 🙂

Leon got up super early as he wanted to go for a run ( https://www.strava.com/activities/1229167992 ) and I needed to pick him up at the finish point. Zeph and I remained in bed for a while, had a quick coffee and then set off in the fog to find our crazy man beast! He’d had a great time and was now ready for a day of fun 🙂

Dan had planned lots for us to see in a short space of time. The valley is beautiful and he wanted us to get the most from our visit. The fog lifted and we had amazing Autumnal weather and the colours of the trees were at their best!

We headed first to Ynyslas Beach where their daughter Alessi wanted to show us crabs and jellyfish and Zephyr could splash in the sea. It is an enormous beach with sand dunes and we had a great walk and a lovely start to the day. Zeph enjoyed the space and the smells and we all worked up an appetite.

Next stop was fish and chips for lunch, this was a short drive from Ynyslas Beach and they did gluten free batter 🙂 🙂 We ate these on the pebble beach opposite the chip shop before setting off to get coffee.

Having worked up an appetite, we all then felt like we had over over indulged and needed to walk it off again 🙂

We drove to Devil’s Bridge Falls and walked around the gorge. It was a beautiful and very steep walk, which had points marked on the map to stop and take in the scenery. Alessi was in charge of map reading and directions – she did amazingly well with the amount of walking we did in a day!

There were some spectacular views and waterfalls and it was very peaceful. Zephyr found ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ a bit tricky – it was very steep and I decided it was safer for him and me if he was off-lead for this section.

At the end of the walk you need to exit via a full-height turnstile – this proved tricky for Zephyr…he is just too big to get through and there is no way under/over/around it! The admissions office was now closed so we were in a bit of a pickle! Luckily the staff at the hotel opposite had the phone number of a key holder who eventually turned up to let us out!

We then took the scenic route back to Dan & Kim’s so we could get a view of the valley from the other side which was just spectacular.

Having worked up an appetite again we ordered Chinese and spent the evening eating, drinking and catching up.

Leon went for another run in the morning and then we all went on a walk along the bottom of the valley – making the most of the weather (it usually always rains when we go to Wales!) and the stunning autumn colours.

At lunchtime we hit the road back to Somerset having spent the most perfect weekend with some very special people and having fallen in love with the Cwmrheidol Valley!

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