Proper Snow!

A couple of weeks ago ‘The Beast from the East’ brought heavy snow to the west country. We rarely get snow of any significance, so along with the chaos it causes (being stuck at work for two days because I couldn’t get home) it is also a great opportunity for us to get outside and unleash our inner child!

I had a great time playing with Zephyr and Tuchena – they proved that they are built for that kind of weather and were playing, chasing and digging like crazy. Zephyr also liked to just lie down and sleep in the snow too.

I think it is fair to say that my snowman was overshadowed by the brilliance of Manbeasts Igloo!

2 Replies to “Proper Snow!”

  1. I’ve been glad for the snow we’ve had this winter here in southwest VA. But now it’s spring and I want to start doing outside projects, haha! Plus, my dog will just be an ass all day if I decide it’s snowing too much for a walk, LOL!

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