Tuchena’s turn to visit the vet!

Here we go again…. This time it is Tuchena’s turn!

On 14th March I noticed a large cut on Tuchena’s hip. She and Zephyr had been playing in the garden and they can play rough and fast. We guess that this had something to do with it, but can’t be sure. She obviously caught it on something and it caused a deep laceration.

We had a look at it and attempted to clean it up, but quickly realised that it was more than we could manage at home and it needed a visit to the vet.

The vet used some local anaesthetic so that Tuchena would allow the area to be clipped, flushed and investigated. The vet thought that due to Tuchena’s fear of other dogs that the best option would be to staple the wound together to avoid being admitted. The plan was to remove the staples after 10 days and if it hadn’t healed completely by then, it should be OK to be left to heal by itself. I did question if it would be better to stitch it up under General anaesthetic, but the vet was reluctant to do this. The next t hing was getting 4 staples in to the wound…..luckily Tuchena loves food so with the help of some squeezy cheese and both myself and Manbeast there to hold her she was stapled up pretty quick. We left with antibiotics, pain relief, a check up appointment for two days later and a bill of £160!

Tuchena takes her antibiotics like a dream – we don’t even need to hide them in her food anymore, she just inhales her dinner along with her daily dose of drugs!

We returned for the check-up and the vet was happy with the progress and made an appointment for Tuchena to have her staples removed a week later by a different vet.

We arrived at this appointment and saw the new vet. This vet was concerned about the healing of the wound and thought it looked infected. She removed the staples and confirmed that the wound was infected (more antibiotics required) and that it would need surgery to remove the necrotic tissue and stitching. To say that we were annoyed was a bit of an understatement, if this had been done initially when we asked, then Tuchena would be  healed by now. We left with more antibiotics, an appointment for surgery on Monday and another bill for £106.

On Monday morning Tuchena was sure we had forgotten to feed her and kept nudging us towards where we prepare their meals. She was not allowed breakfast as she was scheduled for surgery at lunchtime. I took her back to the vets and this time I saw a vet that I have seen before with Hendrix. She looked at Tuchena’s wound and her opinion was that it had started to heal and that surgery at this point would make it worse and increase the healing time again. I agreed with her and we decided against the surgery. Tuchena would need another course of antibiotics to cover her whilst it finished healing and the vet removed the final staple that was left in from previously. Only £34 for this visit as opposed to the £300+ I was expecting!

Tuchena has now finished all of her antibiotics and we are keeping an eye on the wound. It is not completely closed yet, but fingers crossed it keeps going in the right direction.

I should have been a vet!

4 Replies to “Tuchena’s turn to visit the vet!”

  1. Ugh. Once our dog went out to go potty and came back with a quarter sized hole in her abdomen. No idea how. We were like, what the heck did she do??? It was so weird, you could see the muscle move underneath. The vet didn’t stitch it though, just bandaged it.

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