Product Review

The PetWeighter is a two-tier bowl. The bottom half is designed to be filled with water (or sand) to weigh it down and prevent it moving. The detachable bowl clips in to place on the top and can be used for food or water.

The Petweighter was designed as a solution to water bowls being knocked over and food bowls being pushed around, and it achieves this well.

We have been using it as an extra water bowl for the last couple of weeks during the hot weather and both Tuchena ad Zephyr have been choosing to drink from this bowl over their usual Mason Cash bowl. I believe they are preferring it as it is raised. Zephyr can sometimes be uncomfortable lowering his head to drink when we are out and I often hold up a water bowl for him, however at home he is comfortable enough to lower his head to drink. It has been interesting for me to observe his preference to the PetWeighter at home. I think this has shown that although he is comfortable enough to lower his head, given the choice he would still prefer not to. Win for the PetWeighter!

As Zephyr is a very slow and steady eater, I tested the PetWeighter with food on Tuchena (she grew up with labradors ad has inherited their love of food!)…….The result was positive! No chasing the usual noisy stainless steel food bowl around the kitchen, the PetWeighter remained in place and Tuchena ate from a more comfortable height.

As we were away in the campervan last weekend we took the PetWeighter with us to test it on the road. I filled the base with water and it was very stable, did not move during the drive and I even left the bowl half filled with water during travel. It was easy to lift out when we stopped and place next to the van and again I think Zephyr benefitted from the height of the bowl, especially as he can be more nervous when we stop in unknown  places. He was able to drink from this and therefore I didn’t need to hold up a bowl for him, which is great for his independence.

Overall…we like it! It helps with Zephyr’s anxiety and it provides a more comfortable and stable bowl for Tuchena to eat from.

The bowl is large and although that is perfect for us, I imagine smaller breeds may find it too big/high.

If I could suggest one improvement, for me it would be to look at what other materials could be used to manufacture it as I usually keep away from plastic if possible.

They are avaialble to purchase direct from Amazon at £24.99 and come in a range of colours.

(The PetWeighter was provided free of charge for me to review. All words, thoughts, opinions and photos are my own)

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