A Year in Pictures 50/52

I took Zephyr on a lovely (wet) walk yesterday afternoon with Emily and her dog Boo. After finding some horse poo to roll in and then a river to play in (and wash the poo off!) we stopped in a pub. We didn't know if Zephyr would go in, or if he did how long …

A Year in Pictures 47/52

I am afraid I can't take the credit for this stunning photo of Tuchena. It was taken by my husband whilst out walking at Kinder Scout in the Peak District last week.

A Year in Pictures 45/52

I took Zephyr to meet a friend yesterday afternoon, as her step-daughter loves dogs and wolves and wanted to meet him. We went for a beautiful walk along the river at Great Elm with them and their spaniel Jed. Kaitlin was great with Zephyr, she was calm and respectful which Zephyr really appreciated......thank you Kaitlin!

A year in Pictures 43/52

On a socialisation walk at our local high street. Zephyr met lots of people a couple of dogs, visited the pet shop and got a fright from an automatic door. It's hard work being a hybrid!