2014 in Pictures 51/52

Tuchena having cuddles! She loves this game and now asks to be picked up. It must give her some kind of adrenaline rush as afterwards she zooms around like a crazy thing! Ps....don't forget to enter our giveaway (see previous post)

2014 in Pictures 50/52

Meet Kevin!..........ok, so it is really Zephyr, but he is going through adolescence (please tell me it is nearly over?) and reminds me of 'Kevin' from 'Kevin & Perry'. I am sure if he could speak it would be a constant repeat of 'it's so unfair!'. He is sulking in the basket as Hendrix is …

2014 in Pictures 48/52

On Friday Zeph and his girlfriend Boo went for a romantic stroll around Prior Park Gardens in Bath. They are the cutest couple! They had the place entirely to themselves.....as it was actually closed and we didn't realise until we got told off!

2014 in Pictures 45/52

On Friday afternoon Zephyr and I met up with Emily and Boo for a walk at Stourhead. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, despite forecasts for rain. We even stopped in the pub garden for a drink 😉

2014 in Pictures 44/52

Thanks to my friend Karen Murphy for sending me the photos she took of Zephyr when she came to stay recently. I love this one, I think it shows both his speed and power.

2014 in Pictures 43/52

Wow wow wow wow......... The very talented Anna Kemp has done this amazing pencil drawing of Tuchena! We LOVE it! It captures her perfectly and will be taking pride of place in our lounge. Thank you Anna x