2014 in Pictures 41/52

I had such a busy weekend that I didn't get to see much of the dogs this weekend, but apparently this is where they stand when they hear my car coming down the track 😍

2014 in Pictures 40/52

We are going on a Mouse hunt.........at least, that seems to be what the wolfdogs think at the moment. There has been a lot of pouncing and digging on our walks recently!

2014 in Pictures 39/52

I have really missed the dogs this week, as I have been at Tilley Farm completing my second six day practitioner clinic, with the inspirational Robyn Hood. I got the chance to practice a head wrap on Tuchena on Saturday night when she was sleepy as I wanted her to be introduced to it before …

2014 in Pictures 38/52

Leon took Tuchena to meet up with some other wolfdogs and their owners for a walk at the weekend and then they camped over night. I love this picture of the two of them, both looking relaxed and happy!

2014 in Pictures 36/52

These two are just too cute! Tuchena insists on sharing a pod with Otis, and although he makes a little grumble in protest, he soon makes room. They remind me of an old married couple 😂