Small Steps make Giant Leaps

We have been working on building Zephyr's confidence pretty much constantly since he came to live with us. He has always struggled to go anywhere other than the field next to our house. When we have taken him to other places it has always been with the support of another dog.... that was until recently …

Naturo Dog Treats

This week we have been trying out the new treat range by Naturo. Their mini baked treat range comes in three varieties and are all made with 100% natural ingredients, are wheat & gluten free and retail at £3 per 150g pack. Liver Brownies - These contain 33% liver and look just like mini chocolate …

2014 in review

I have just received my annual blog 17,000 visitors in 2014! If you were one of them, then thank you! My most popular post is still 'What is a Czech wolfdog really like?' Even though I wrote this a couple of years ago. Maybe I should update it now we have Zephyr too! My …

Simply having a wonderful Wolfie time!

A story for Xmas eve…..

The Wolfdog Blog

Ok, so I know this is just copied from last years Xmas eve post, but I think I will make it tradition, as I think it is a great Xmas eve bedtime story !

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you believe and however you chose to celebrate! xxx

‘Twas the night before Solstice and all through the woods
Eight lean wolves were hunting for warm, meaty goods.
They searched far and wide, they gave it their best,
But came up with nothing, and laid down to rest.
They slept on snowdrifts, noses tucked into tails,
White frost on their muzzles, backs turned to the gales;
When up in the sky there appeared a weird vision:
An old man, a sleigh, and a banquet of venison!

Past dancing Northern Lights, they dropped from the sky; 
Touched down on the snow: they were going to come by!

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Are You and Your Dog Sympatico?

This is lovely and describes my relationship with Zeph….he does the pawing for a chest rub too!

Wilde About Dogs

woman with dogA while back, I watched a television special where singer Sheryl Crow was discussing the process of songwriting and producing music. At one point she mentioned working with another person, and smiled as she said they were “sympatico.” She described a relationship where each seemed to feel what the other was feeling and know what the other was thinking, in such a way that allowed the creative process to flow freely. Like so many other things, this made me think of dogs.

Although there’s no true dictionary definition of sympatico, it’s generally accepted to mean having a strong mental connection or bond; to get along; to have a mutual understanding. We’ve all heard stories of people who have these types of relationships with their dogs, and if we’re lucky, we’ve been those people. I’ve had friends over the years whose dogs knew when they were feeling sad, and would…

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