Product Review The PetWeighter is a two-tier bowl. The bottom half is designed to be filled with water (or sand) to weigh it down and prevent it moving. The detachable bowl clips in to place on the top and can be used for food or water. The Petweighter was designed as a solution to water …

My Memorial Ring

When we lost Hendrix, I knew that I needed something I could carry with me every day to remind me of him. He had been my rock and by my side for so long that facing each day without him felt wrong. After thinking about and researching my options I decided I would like a …

2014 in review

I have just received my annual blog 17,000 visitors in 2014! If you were one of them, then thank you! My most popular post is still 'What is a Czech wolfdog really like?' Even though I wrote this a couple of years ago. Maybe I should update it now we have Zephyr too! My …

Mr Slobberchops

We have always been in favour of holistic treatments for our dogs whenever possible and where I used to feel in the minority doing this, I feel that there is a huge shift lately in peoples interest in the benefits of helping our dogs heal more naturally. Dogs heal themselves all the time using their …

These Boots were Made for Walking!

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I am not sure about you, but for me the thought of new walking boots fills me with both excitement (yay, I have got new boots!) and terror (what if they hurt?).

So it was with mixed feelings that I left behind my trusty old walking boots for our recent holiday and took my new Brasher Supalite II GTX instead.

BrashersBrasher 2

Brasher claim that these are the lightest walking boots in the UK, now I haven’t actually gone around weighing all the other boots on the market…..but I did weigh these. As you can see a size 5 ladies boot comes in at just 912grams!


They do feel amazingly lightweight but not at all flimsy. Infact I felt they offered better ankle support than my previous boots. They also have a nice wide opening making them easier to get on and off, which is a bonus for me since my knee injury…

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