Dogs with Bad Manners

I really feel that my patience is being tested at the moment. We are trying very hard to ensure that Tuchena is a well-rounded and balanced dog. This is even more important when you have a large dog, as people are a lot less forgiving of bad manners in something they view as a possible threat. If …


Hot Dogs!

After a very wet and mild start to the summer, the sunshine has finally put in an appearance! Hooray! A sudden burst of vitamin D and everyone seems to be in a better mood. It can be hard work for our furry four legged friends though. They don't always have the sense to take it …

The Mother Ship

Tuchena was due her booster vaccinations a couple of weeks ago. In the past when I have had to take the labradors for theirs, it hasn't really required more thought than phoning the vets, making an appointment and turning up with the vaccination record. With Tuchena however, we had to give this some thought. We could probably …

Walking Tall

We had a BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the one sunny day, before more rain! I took this photo of Tuchena trying to get something out of the tree. It shows just how long and slinky she can be!

Tuchena and Hartley

Tuchena's friend Hartley came to play today. They are a good match and had a great time charging around the garden! You would never be able to tell that they both have a tendency to get easily stressed or reactive, they were just having some good doggy fun in a safe environment.