The last lesson

Thursday was our last sniffer dog class. I am pleased with Tuchena's progress over the last four weeks. She is by no means perfect but has made more progress than I thought possible in such a short space of time. This week she was much more relaxed and managed to not get too reactive during …


Tuchena and Hartley

Tuchena's friend Hartley came to play today. They are a good match and had a great time charging around the garden! You would never be able to tell that they both have a tendency to get easily stressed or reactive, they were just having some good doggy fun in a safe environment.

Mind Games

As the weather has been so awful this week and I was on annual leave from work, we decided to buy a game that I could play with Tuchena in the house. After a bit of research we chose 'Dog Tornado' by Nina Ottosson. It has three levels that all spin around, with 4 compartments …